Keynote speakers:

Professor Neil Heyde (Royal Academy of Music, London)

Neil Heyde is Head of Postgraduate Programmes at the Royal Academy of Music in London and for over twenty years has been the cellist of the Kreutzer Quartet. Around the quartet’s special contribution to the 21st-century evolution of the medium he has developed a unique approach to the instrument, played out in work as an improviser and in his work with composers. A long-term project on instrumental choreography (exploring the physical delivery of the music as a fundamental element) has produced many outcomes, including a film and documentary of his work with Brian Ferneyhough on the extraordinary Time and Motion Study II for solo cello and electronics (available on iTunesU) and a DVD, Quartet Choreography, (MSVDX101). He has edited Faber’s series of 19th-century music for stringed instruments and is currently completing the volume of Debussy’s sonatas for the Œuvres Complètes de Claude Debussy in Paris.


Professor Allan Vurma (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn)


Allan Vurma is a professor of musicology at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. For over thirty years he has also been a soloist and vocal coach in the professional Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, ever since its foundation in 1981 by the conductor Tõnu Kaljuste. This choir is world-famous for its close and fruitful collaboration with the composers Arvo Pärt and the recently deceased Veljo Tormis. Besides being a singer (with an MA equivalent vocal training), Allan Vurma has also long been interested in theoretical questions of singing, voice acoustics and music perception, partly as a result of his broad educational background (he also holds an MS in radio-engineering and a PhD in musicology). He is the author of around twenty scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals such as Musicae Scientiae (where he is also a member of the editorial board), Music Perception, Psychology of Music, Journal of Voice, Frontiers in Psychology, and a number of others. In addition to all these activities he has written music criticism and is the author of a monograph about the famous Estonian bass-baritone Mati Palm.

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